One point of entry, endless opportunities. Discover and develop solutions and services with 1TX’s patented Open Innovation Platform (OIP). Pairing problem-owners with problem-solvers, our centralised, cloud-native platform provides you with structured, personalised support from ideation to deployment.


  • Shorten your PoC cycle by 75% and speed up innovation
  • Creating solutions based on cause not the symptoms
  • Measuring, benchmarking, and validating solutions to improve confidence before moving to production
  • Eliminating Privacy & Security Vulnerabilities of the solutions to achieve compliance

Portal features

  • Challenge Submission
  • Solution submission
  • Curation of Challenges and Solutions
  • Automated matching of Solutions to problems (discovery engine)
  • Structured evaluation and scoring of Solutions
  • Collaboration forums

Digital work bench features

  • Low-code creation of environment that mimics production floor to conduct PoC
  • Define and Build your own Business KPI’s as a way implement and measure PoC Success Criteria
  • Patented Deep Mirroring technology to generate test data
  • Patented Behavioural Network Mirroring the generates and ingests recorded network traffic in PoC environments
  • Dashboard & Report Generation

How it works

Accelerate your innovation with the 1TX OIP. Our game-changing cloud-based platform lets you refine problem statements, scout for vendors, evaluate proposals, carry out PoC testing and deployment, simulate any type of S/W or API-based environment data and traffic flow, and access virtual crowd testing communities. Create and define your PoC using our PoC Wizard, customise your goals, requirements, evaluation criteria, instructions, visibility settings and more.

Technology and marketing enablers
Facilitating translation, commercialisation and scaling up of new solutions

Innovative products and solutions

Supporting tools
Supported by a structured innovation process and physical innovation facility from ideation to commercialisation

Problem solvers
Tech innovators, Start-ups, Companies, Researchers

Problem owners
SMEs, Enterprises, Government agencies

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