1TX for CISO’s

CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officers) top priorities are their organization’s data and network security. Leaders must have confidence that all data-sharing and solution implementation activities are safe. 

Ensure your organization’s data is safe with 1TX

1TX’s platforms generate synthetic testing environments that are remote and external to your organization’s networks, ensuring safety when testing new software.

Our solutions are capable of simulating cyberattacks in a safe environment, allowing you to test software security before implementing.

With 1TX, you can be confident that your organization’s data and information are secure and never at risk.




  • Firewall for extra protection
  • Streamlined and easy to follow steps for cybersecurity testing
  • Create multiple testing environments
  • Remote environments with synthetic data

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About 1TX


1TX supports the innovation process with revolutionary, cloud-based products. At 1TX we specialize in providing organizations with a secure platform to ideate and develop software before use. In addition, our patterned deep mirroring technology allows organizations to use perfectly mimicked data to create the fullest and most comprehensive evaluation environments

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