Business Intelligence Vendor Evaluation

Most sectors, including healthcare, finance, and insurance, hold mountains of private and sensitive data. This places businesses in a challenging situation, and whilst there are many opportunities to leverage this data, businesses must also ensure their client data is protected.

Secure testing

Thanks to 1TX’s platforms and data mirroring technologies, organizations can carry out any type of business intelligence (BI) testing while guaranteeing their data is secure and not exposed.


Track KPI’s

With 1TX, you can track over 170 technical KPIs and create unique business KPIs that matter to you.

  • Accurate insights: Test if datasets are able to run and give accurate insights
  • Speed: Measure the duration of analysis
  • Predicability: Measure the accuracy of predicated insights

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BI test enviroments

Actionable client data

Find and test tools that help organize and create actionable reports from your data



Accurate ROIs

Test solutions that can create reports to help you measure ROI

Know your historical data

Test BI solutions that can gather, collect, and organize data



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