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Streamlining Cloud Adoption for Global Insurance Company

A leading global insurance company sought to adopt public cloud technology for digital transformation. 1TX helped them assess the cloud capabilities by creating a production-like environment using real and simulated data, enabling accelerated digitalization, effective measurement of cloud capabilities, and safe testing without compromising customer data


The client is a leading global insurance and insurance company headquartered in Munich, Germany offering a wide range of insurance and risk management solutions to clients worldwide. The client specializes in providing coverage for various risks, including property and casualty, life and health, and specialty lines such as aviation, marine, and cyber insurance.


With the increase in the need of digital transformation in the insurance industry, the client is looking to adopt public cloud technology. The client wants to ensure they are adopting the right technology by identifying and addressing any potential risk associated with cloud computing services from a public cloud provider.


1TX were able to assess the cloud technology for the client before adopting by creating a production like environment to gain insight into how much data the cloud solutions could take on, identifying potential affected areas and measures of damage. The team used a mixture of real and mimicked cloud monitoring data to test in the production like environment.


  • Accelerated digitalization process.
  • Effective measurement of public cloud capabilities
  • Ability to test the public cloud without compromising real customer data.

Accelerated digitalization through the adoption of cloud technology.

Effective measurement of cloud technology capabilities by creating a production-like environment and utilizing real and simulated data.

Safe and comprehensive testing without compromising real customer data, ensuring secure and reliable implementation