Meet the team

Durairaj Dhanasekaran


Durairaj (Dhana) Dhanasekaran is the founder of QAssure, which merged with prooV to become 1TX. Passion for technology and having over 25+ plus years of experience in the software industry playing various roles across different domains globally helps to keep creating new business concepts using technology as a prime enabler. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and MBA from SUNY Buffalo.

Toby Olshanetsky


Mr. Olshanetsky has 20+ years of serial entrepreneur and management experience (CEO & Board member) and diverse technology background in Cyber & IT Security, Fintech & B2B Enterprise S/W.

Mr. Olshanetsky Participated in successful start-ups, raised over $100M, lead all significant contract negotiations for strategic partnerships, key customers, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. Hand-picked and successfully recruited Marketing sales and R&D teams.

Mr. Olshanetsky has proven superior leadership and management skills with an emphasis on execution, strategic planning, managing profit and loss and adjusting to market conditions, which has produced trust in business relationships and employee loyalty.

Prior to prooV, Mr. Olshanetsky was the Co-founder and CEO of Rocket Finance. Prior to joining Rocket Finance , he was the co-founder of MIC Mobile Security, co-founder of DMCredit and held key executive positions at Formula – Emblaze, Telmap and Shiron Satellite communication.
Mr. Olshanetsky was, previously, the Co-Founder of Neteye, a world leader in the Cyber –  IP Fraud management & detection.