Innovation as a Service

Innovation as a Service enables organizations to leverage external expertise, emerging technologies, and market validation to drive innovation. Our platform supports the entire innovation journey, from idea to production deployment

We provide a range of offerings that facilitate innovation and collaboration

  • Accelerator Services: Prototype and implement business solutions through Shift and Explore Services
  • Collective Innovation: Connect problem owners with solution providers, fostering collaboration and creativity
  • Internal and External Ideation Services: Facilitate innovation partnerships and organize hackathons for idea generation
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) Services: Define, create, and test PoCs to validate innovative ideas and assess feasibility
  • Innovation Management Tools: Advisory and implementation services for innovation management tools to optimize your innovation processes



  • Professional analysis and consultancy for your innovation model
  • A single tech partner covering all your IT product life cycle needs
  • Agile customer development process for rapid product development
  • Cutting-edge tech stack readily available

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Why Choose 1TX?

Extensive Experience

Benefit from our decade-long history of delivering over 10,000 PoC solutions across industries

Configure your environments for each PoC

Simulate production by populating with servers, data, APIs and network activity.

Top Expertise

Our team of analysts and tech experts specialize in digital technologies and possess deep industry knowledge

Strong Partnership Network

Collaborate with major technology players and start-ups to access a wide range of innovation resources

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