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Streamline your PoC process with our end-to-end platform

The smarter, faster, full-secure way to evaluate and integrate the right third-party software into your company’s environment.


  • Save time by running simultaneous proof-of-concepts with multiple vendors
  • Customise to KPIs and business goals important to you
  • Create compliant copies of legacy environment, APIs and traffic
  • Access game-changing insights and higher ROI with our breakthrough features.

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Simplify your PoC with 1TX

Create new PoCs

define your goals, KPIs, evaluation criteria, instructions and more.

Configure your environments for each PoC

Simulate production by populating with servers, data, APIs and network activity.

Compare and evaluate different solutions

by measuring against your KPIs in the dashboard and reports.

Stay safe with RedCloud and SafeZone

Execute complex cyber attacks on the cloud with RedCloud and integrate new software on legacy systems with SafeZone.

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