IT Teams

IT teams hold responsibility for your company’s entire technology infrastructure, including the adoption and ongoing service and support for various departments.

Setting up trials and prototypes is essential for any technology or innovation process, but finding the time for IT teams to collaborate with other departments can be challenging, leading to an innovation bottleneck.

Streamline your workloads today with 1TX

1TX can help alleviate the burden by providing you with the necessary tools and capabilities to perform testing independently. Set up trial and prototype testing environments and populate them with data, adhering to your organization’s guidelines.

1TX’s platforms streamline your work with other teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page while testing vendors.





  • Predictive analytics to assess solutions performance at scale and in other environments
  • One-time set up of comprehensive testing environments, with dedicated channels for each vendor
  • All-inclusive toolset with smart API’s, data generation and more

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About 1TX


1TX supports the innovation process with revolutionary, cloud-based products. At 1TX we specialize in providing organizations with a secure platform to ideate and develop software before use. In addition, our patterned deep mirroring technology allows organizations to use perfectly mimicked data to create the fullest and most comprehensive evaluation environments

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