Finance Innovation

Due to strict regulations, security concerns, and the difficulty of integrating legacy systems, banks face significant challenges when testing and implementing new technologies. At 1TX, we understand the importance of finance innovation and the need to stay ahead of the competition

Streamline your software development and deployment processes

Our cutting-edge solutions empower innovation teams to bypass these obstacles to execute thorough and secure product tests.

With our comprehensive testing platforms and synthetic data service, your organization can simulate real-life scenarios to test the functionality and feasibility of a product.

We can help you streamline your testing process and optimize your tech integration.





  • All-inclusive toolset including Smart APIs, data generation, and more
  • Tailored KPIs to compare and benchmark solutions
  • Testing environments that mimic real-life production
  • Secure synthetic data and testing environments

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Fintech, cybersecurity, and beyond

Here are some examples of simulated testing environments your finance team can explore:

New products meeting customer expectations

Test and implement products to help improve customers’ experiences when banking.

Making Payments with Blockchain

Find and test solutions that will help keep payments between parties safe and secure.

Protect your tech with cybersecurity testing

Simulate cyberattacks in a safe environment to test software security.

Case Studies