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Enhancing Financial Crime Detection

Organizations must stay ahead of the curve in preventing financial crimes due to the increased risk of cybercriminals.

A prominent North American financial institution aimed to enhance its financial crime detection capabilities of fraudulent and abnormal cash flow activities.

Partnering with 1TX, the client established a platform to strengthen their resilience against sophisticated financial criminals.


The client is a is a prominent North American financial institution with its headquarters in Toronto. The bank offers a comprehensive range of banking services and products to millions of customers and aims to deliver exceptional service and help individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals.


The client is looking to strengthen its resilience against financial crime by increasing their ability to detect fraudulent activity and abnormal cashflow activity. With financial crime becoming more sophisticated than ever it was vital for the client to detect any irregular activity from criminals.


The 1TX team created a production-like environment by seamlessly integrating various APIs and databases. The environment worked as a robust platform to rigorously evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of the cutting-edge solution implemented for detecting and combating financial crime.


  • Accelerated digitalization process
  • Effective measurement of public cloud capabilities
  • Ability to test the public cloud without compromising real customer data

Enhanced financial crime detection technology allowing organizations to detect issues quicker.

Proactive risk mitigation and protection against financial losses.

Improved compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring a secure financial environment.