Deep Mirroring Technology

Our Deep Mirroring technology uses synthetic data that mimics your original data, allowing you to unlock the potential for your organization to test and examine tech solutions in a secure production environment.

Enhance your testing abilities by leveraging the power of deep mirroring technology

  • Create comprehensive evaluation environments for your business to test solutions
  • Secure handling of confidential and valuable company information
  • Utilization of NLP, dictionary repositories, and numeric machine learning
  • Realistic simulation of network traffic for Proof-of-Concept testing scenarios


  • Data Security: Protects users and ensures compliance by avoiding the use of sensitive information
  • Scalability: Data can be easily scaled to align with various testing scenarios
  • Controlled Test Environments: Customizable controlled test environments to examine your solution’s effectiveness
  • Reduced Bias: Minimizes inherent biases found in real-world dat

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About 1TX


1TX supports the innovation process with revolutionary, cloud-based products. At 1TX we specialize in providing organizations with a secure platform to ideate and develop software before use. In addition, our patterned deep mirroring technology allows organizations to use perfectly mimicked data to create the fullest and most comprehensive evaluation environments

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