1TX for Innovation Leaders

The leaders of an organization’s innovation efforts have many responsibilities, including creating and executing a solid plan to stay ahead.

Collaboration with stakeholders is essential to providing new solutions that meet their needs, and being knowledgeable about a wide range of emerging technologies is vital.

Effective collaboration with 1TX

To manage multiple projects effectively, innovation leaders require comprehensive tools to evaluate and assess new technologies thoroughly.

Our platforms allow your leaders to discover, connect, test, and compare vendor solutions all in one place. We assist in bringing viable options to your company and stakeholders.

With our platform, you can achieve all this and more.






  • One view for all your innovation prototype testing projects
  • Pre-vetted vendors ready to run prototype test
  • Effective collaboration with all relevant stakeholders within your compan

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About 1TX


1TX supports the innovation process with revolutionary, cloud-based products. At 1TX we specialize in providing organizations with a secure platform to ideate and develop software before use. In addition, our patterned deep mirroring technology allows organizations to use perfectly mimicked data to create the fullest and most comprehensive evaluation environments

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