Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically changing the world – connecting people, utilities, cities, and buildings. IoT is a ground-breaking technology that has a significant impact on innovation opportunities for businesses. 

IoT test environments

  • Supply Chain Management – Test updates and alerts on stock levels
  • Predictive Maintenance – Test alerts on equipment maintenance
  • Contented Medical Devices – Test Solutions that can collect patient data

Track your KPIs:

With 1TX, you can track over 170 technical KPIs and create unique business KPIs that matter to you:

  • Speed: Intervals and the amount of data generated in a certain time frame
  • Data accuracy: Does the data collected truly reflect what’s happening in the field
  • Learning capacity: Is the data able to change and learn over time

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About 1TX


1TX supports the innovation process with revolutionary, cloud-based products. At 1TX we specialize in providing organizations with a secure platform to ideate and develop software before use. In addition, our patterned deep mirroring technology allows organizations to use perfectly mimicked data to create the fullest and most comprehensive evaluation environments

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