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Global Bank Empowers Efficiency: Streamlining Form Processing Though Automation

A renowned global bank sought to enhance their form processing efficiency through automation. With the support of 1TX automation as a service, they implemented a solution to streamline their operations and improve delivery.


The client is a renowned multinational financial services and banking company headquartered in London. The company operates across various sectors, including personal banking, corporate banking, investment banking, wealth management, investment advisory, and corporate financing solution. Known for its strong presence in the global banking industry, the client focuses on delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions while maintaining a commitment to financial integrity and responsible banking practices.


The client, an established global bank, wanted to enhance and automate form processing using optical character recognition (OCR). The client’s current form processing method was heavily focused on humans and had the potential to be automated to boost efficiency and productivity.


With the support of 1TX automation as a service, the team were able to help the client identify weak points of their current process, help generate an enhanced automated solution and create a production environment with mimicked production like data. The 1TX team worked closely with the client to define a list of business and technical KPIs to determine parameters of success.


  • Increased processing and turnaround times
  • Reduction of human error
  • Continuous processing leading to larger output
  • Time and cost savings

Increased efficiency and productivity through streamlined form processing.

Enhanced accuracy in data extraction, reducing errors and improving reliability.

Measurable success with established KPIs, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous process optimization.