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Test Automation of Multiple Applications for one of Asia’s largest Institutional Investors

The insurance industry is shifting its focus of IT investments to legacy applications transformation. Keeping a keen eye on the refinement of business processes, the key objective is to improve customer intimacy and effectively address the needs of new distribution channels. Increasing complexities in business have increased the demand for Agile software.


The client is the oldest and most established life insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia. It provides millions of customers with peace of mind and is today one of the leading insurance companies in Asia. The brand has three successful distribution channels – a tied agency force, bancassurance, and a financial advisory firm.


The client had updated its Customer Information File (CIF) with over 20 fields of data, and required to integrate it with 15+ customer policy maintenance modules for the forced update of customer details to the policy system. Running a small batch as a sample, established the multitude of application environments could not be tested with a single instance of a performance testing tool. This resulted in high post- production performance issues.


1TX undertook to comprehensively test the CIF integration across all legacy environments and ensure that test scripts were suitably defined to meet the adoption of new technologies at the click of a button. 1TX used its test automation platform to automate the performance and stress testing of applications receiving the updated data. This involved the configuration and set-up of COTS testing tools, open source load testing tools and 1TX’s in-house developed tools and automation suite.


  • Zero post-production performance issues
  • A centralized performance testing team was set up for the client with a scalable pool of resources to meet fluctuating demands
  • 50% improvement in application performance as compared to earlier benchmarks
  • Right shoring of test activities leading to reduced Total Cost of Operations by over 20%
  • USD 200k (approx.) cost savings on manual effort due to automation (~200% ROI)

Established a centralized managed services model for performance testing

Application of Java script to send MQ messages to the source systems

Analysis of metrics captured on server resource events to identify performance bottlenecks

What they said

1TX has successfully implemented an automated testing solution across 70 products. The one stop solution improved test coverage, and allowed our business users to create their own scenarios by selecting reusable test components.

Head of Product Roll-outs