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Building a unique technology arena to counter cyberthreats

Companies from all sectors are facing increasing rates of cyberthreats, but none more so than in financial services. Finding a resolution quickly to counter these problems can prove challenging, especially when taking into account the testing and analysis of each solution.


The client is one of the Big Four consultancy firms with a presence in over 140 countries, specializing in financial audit, tax, and advisory services.


Almost all consulting companies come with solutions and platforms, but no individual one comes with all the products and technology required in one seamless package. 1TX offers customers solutions to test different cyber security products in a safe environment and with the analytical testing required to roll them out.

1TX looked to provide a simplified platform for their client in their search for solutions to rapid digitalization and cyberthreats. The client was seeking to streamline their product comparison processes whilst saving time, resources, and money.


1TX created a technology arena that allows their client to disrupt how cyber technology is assessed and selected. The solution allows for a more streamlined journey and better outcomes. Services include leveraging a cloud-based, virtualized platform, and use-case-centric, simulated environments to guide clients through series of data-driven steps, towards selecting the right tool that most optimally meets their cyber security needs.


The Cyber Arena services include:

  • Scouting as a Service – for cybersecurity vendors
  • Short-listing as a Service
  • Demo Day as a Service
  • POC as a Service
  • Comparative POC as a Service
  • Multi-client POC as a Service (Coming Soon)
  • Multi-tool POC as a Service (Coming Soon)

An objective approach that leverages measurable KPIs and cross-client insights to help clients make the best cyber security decisions

Structured but flexible modular approach and a service-based model can be adapted to each client’s needs

Best practices & experienced cyber consultants set the stage for secure cloud testing & multiple, simultaneous POCs while leveraging a technological platform that promotes acceleration